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Becoming a Designer – My Career Journey

by JAMIE UMAK May 17, 2019

Every designer has a different career journey that’s taken them to where they are today. Today on the blog I thought it would be fun to go back in time and share my experience in becoming a designer. Whether it’s a professional meet-up, gathering, or... Continue

UX, Design, Tech – Current Reading List

by JAMIE UMAK January 16, 2019

At the end of every year I always say that time flew by fast. Between making improvements to my website, building this blog, becoming group leader for my local Interaction Design Foundation chapter, and finishing the year by starting an exciting new career journey, 2018... Continue

Maximize the Customer’s User Experience with Live Chat

by JAMIE UMAK October 22, 2018

In this blog, I’ll examine a few quick ways you can enhance your customer’s experience using live chat and use the information as one tool to improve your overall user experience while enhancing the customer journey. We’ve all experienced contacting customer service at one time... Continue