I’m Jamie Umak. I’m an energetic, results-based designer and remote worker located in Frederick, Maryland.

Jamie Umak

The idea of interconnectivity has always fascinated me.

When I published my first web page, knowing that anyone in the world could view it that instant amazed me. I was excited by the idea of connecting to a bigger world, and I knew I wanted to become a professional designer as my career. Ever since, I’ve been designing and building websites and digital products. I’ve learned more than I ever could imagine.

With 14+ years of experience in web and media design, my specialty is creating and adding value to websites and digital products centered around the user experience. I am passionate about learning and understanding human behaviors to design meaningful interactive products that make a difference. My diverse background has shaped me into a well-balanced designer, empowered with insight to understand the big picture and how everything influences design.

I believe that great design can change the world and make a difference in people’s lives. It’s a real-life superpower!


Design Philosophy

  • Follow ethical business and design practices.
  • Advocates for the customer to create user-centered designs.
  • Creates a seamless user experience for everyone.
  • Information should be accessible and understandable to all.
  • Design is about helping people.
  • Design doesn’t need to be complicated.

Professional Approach

  • Empathetic to others and all viewpoints.
  • Listens, observes, and examines every detail.
  • Curious and investigates until an answer is found.
  • Not afraid to think big and collaborate on new ideas.
  • Asks questions and then asks more.
  • Tell a story like you would to a friend.

Design Process


Extensive research to understand a product’s users, a company’s business goals, and competition.


Create problem-solving concepts through wireframes, prototypes, feedback, iterations, and optimizations.

Visual Design

Compose styles and interactions for cohesion throughout the entirety of a digital product.

Build & Iterate

Develop digital product and create additional iterations based on user feedback and data analysis.

Recommendations from Colleagues

From the moment we began working together, Jamie was keenly focused on organizing the work and delivering to the high expectations placed upon her. As the project proceeded from planning to the design phase, she brought many ideas and suggestions forward which further enhanced the outcomes of the design project. I highly recommend Jamie as a design partner for those interested in maintaining high standards in the work process, client service, and the eventual deliverables.”

Jamie is a talented designer and excellent employee and colleague. Jamie’s work is detail-oriented, creative, and beautiful, and she is gracious about her talents. She is pleasant, communicates well with her colleagues, is an excellent collaborator, takes initiative, has a great attitude and work ethic, is polite and considerate, and does all her work in a timely manner, meeting deadlines and efficiently balancing multiple projects. I have greatly enjoyed working with her for the past four years.”

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