Interviewed for XO PIXEL’s Ladies Love Code Series

by JAMIE UMAK April 13, 2017

I’m excited to share that I was interviewed by Marisa Blair of XO PIXEL for her article series Ladies Love Code!

Statistically, women tend to be in the minority in web design and development. Marisa’s articles will help spotlight women who code in an effort to inspire others interested in learning about the profession and industry. I’m so excited to offer advice to her readers on their journeys in learning HTML and CSS. It always makes me happy to talk about other practices and share details about my favorite CMS and code editor.

Ladies Love Code - Interview with Jamie Umak

I first discovered XO PIXEL when I was browsing Pinterest one evening. XO PIXEL is a beautiful, modern website featuring web design and coding tutorials, videos, and articles along with an option for membership. When you sign up for the XO PIXEL email list you can download really stylish HTML and CSS cheat sheets for free. It’s such an inspiring website with a lot of high-quality content. Check out XO PIXEL for more!

It’s such an honor to not only be the first woman featured, but also to have been interviewed by Marisa. Her website is amazing!

I am above and beyond grateful that I have a career I love and the opportunity to make a difference in design every day. Check out Ladies Love Code: Jamie Umak for the full interview.

Image Credit: Featured photo in this post is from Haute Stock.