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Holiday 2016 Design Collection

Holiday House - Interactive Card Design

In 2016 I envisioned an entirely new take on greeting cards—one that the receiver could “experience” as a greeting and decoration!

My vision was to design a card that was modern, feminine, and fun, while incorporating non-traditional holiday colors against a nighttime sky. I was also inspired by Victorian-era aesthetics and retro buildings.

Many hours were spent conceptualizing, drawing, and prototyping this design—taking into consideration how the shadows fall when assembled and how the cards and stickers could be used separately yet remain cohesive.

Printed on satin-coated stock, the collection consists of the house card, a connecting yard with an icy pond and stone pathway, a card containing pieces and stands for support, and a sheet of 6 stickers as a gift. 4 other stickers were designed as envelope seals. Set it up above your fireplace, on your coffee table or desk, and arrange the pieces to create a unique holiday scene!

Design Process for 2016 Holiday Card

1Ideas & Sketches

To begin, I created a list of ideas followed by some really quick, rough sketches. My goal was to design pieces that would work together around a winter home concept.

Holiday 2016 Sketches

2Illustration & Prototyping

I developed a base color palette and added more ideas while creating. After illustrating, I printed on plain paper to test image scale, ease of cutting, and set-up before sending to print.

Holiday 2016 - Card Front
Front of Card
Holiday 2016 - Yard and Pieces
Yard & Pieces
Holiday 2016 - Sticker Sets
Sticker Sets
Holiday 2016 - Envelope

Holiday 2020 Foil House Design

From One House to Another

2020 was the year everyone around the world stayed inside, spending a lot of time at home. Since celebrating the season looked a lot different, I was inspired by the idea of “from our home to yours.” I created a holiday home illustration that could be cut out and assembled by the recipient.

Printed on paper the size of a rack card, the final print is embellished with silver foil to give a glistening effect of ice. So beautiful! The design is complete with a matching envelope seal.

Holiday 2017 Design Collection

Oh, What Fun! - Interactive Card Design

For holiday 2017, I wanted to create an interactive card that wasn’t part of a traditional holiday setting so it could remain displayed all winter.

Summer is my favorite season; I’m always dreaming of longer days in the winter. I thought, what if summertime fun could be carried through winter—even though it’s cold out? There’d be treats, games, snowflakes in the air, and plenty of hot chocolate and snow cones! I paired this with the idea of “Oh What Fun!” and the excitement of the holidays for a winter carnival.

The 2017 collection consists of a greeting card with a Ferris wheel and roller coaster in the background, a connecting path, treat stand, merry-go-round, ticket booth, and a game called Wheel of Christmas! A special pair of trees was designed and printed with shiny gold foil accents.

Design Process for 2017 Holiday Card

1Ideas & Sketches

I created a list of ideas around the theme of “Oh What Fun!” My goal was to transform recreational carnival scenery into a holiday setting. To begin, very rough sketches were drawn as a guide.

Holiday 2017 Sketches

2Illustration & Prototyping

A color palette was developed and more ideas were added while illustrating. Trial prints on plain paper were made to test image scale, ease of cutting, and set-up before sending to print.

Holiday 2017 - Card Front
Front of Card
Holiday 2017 - Pieces
Pieces & Sticker
Holiday 2017 - Stage
Holiday 2017 - Envelope

Holiday 2019 Design Collection

Holiday Style - Interactive Card Design

To celebrate Winter 2019 I created a card around the theme of “holiday style.” I was inspired by the festivities and evening parties of the season. The front of the greeting card features a stylish fireplace with wreath and chandeliers. To complete the living room in style, the coordinating set-up pieces include a rug for the floor, and a couch, bar cart, sideboard, bookshelf, and tree.

This design is complemented with a set of 5 stickers including miniature trees, martini glass, flower vase, present, and a colorful wreath.

Holiday 2021 Card Design

Let it Snow Ornament Card Design

2021’s holiday season theme was “Let it Snow.” Living in the Northeast and with the pandemic entering its second year, my wish was for a large snowfall—not only to remember the days when school would close, but to keep everyone safe inside.

To create this design I first made real paper snowflakes with scissors, took photos, and pulled them into vector software to create shapes. I selected a vintage color theme and incorporated glowing gold foil details to match.

The back of the card features a “Holiday Hello” notecard area for message writing and a mirror of the front snowflake for cutting out, punching a hole in the top, and stringing onto a tree. A matching square sticker and envelope were designed in coordination.

Birthday Party Invitation Set

Cupcake Birthday Party Invitation

This birthday party invitation was designed for fun. I was probably daydreaming about cake, but took to the computer instead! Bright and colorful, it presents the perfect style for a young girl’s birthday party. The invitation can be customized and coordinated with colorful envelopes.

Joy Greeting Card

Joy Greeting Card

Inspired by the meaning of the holiday season, this minimal design features three stylized trees atop a snowy hill with an ornate pattern. Featuring my own hand lettering, this card is modern and elegant with a matching envelope and sticker. Printed on satin-coated stock, the cards were embellished by hand with 3 star crystals as tree toppers.

Holiday 2014 Card

Glad Tidings Greeting Card

Inspired by a snow globe and a single strand of pearls, the 2014 holiday season was all about simplicity and elegance. Printed on satin-coated stock, the cards were embellished by hand with small crystals and coordinated with a designed envelope and sticker. This card sparkles in the light and is beautiful!

Holiday 2010 Card

Magical Snowman Greeting Card

A modern snowman brings fun to the season, complete with a custom designed envelope and matching sticker. I like to imagine if a snowman was caught in a storm he’d carry an umbrella of magical snowflakes! This illustration always makes me smile and remains one of my favorites.

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